Our mission is to preserve and promote the health of living beings
in their environment through electromagnetic hygiene.

We offer environmental electromagnetic hygiene services by onsite surveys, applied solutions and informational services.

Health through electromagnetic hygiene in our living areas is our main focus and we offer our services to anyone who is concerned.

For us, health is the most fundamental and inevitable matter to deal with if we consider long term and prosper development, not only for ourselves in the present moment but also as a sound heritage for our children.

Since industrialisation the facts are that artificial electromagnetic emissions of all types and strengths are present in our environment. They grew tens of thousands of times higher than before and are still growing exponentially. We are now constantly exposed by some kind of technology anywhere we are.

Health wise, our current knowledge of all the direct and indirect effects of these multiples waves of energy constantly moving on and through our bodies are still unknown. Equally, the effect on the environment which is still profoundly bound to our own survival, prosperity and well being is uncertain.

We offer electromagnetic hygiene services to the people who choose to apply sound prevention and need a formal way to ensure themselves that they live in the most normal amounts of natural electromagnetic radiation and the maximum chosen amounts of artificial radiation. This service will provide you with the information you need to compare your home and office results with the best presently available national and international guidelines towards health prevention approach.

By calling upon our services we will help you see the apparently invisible in your living areas.

At your service to detect, measure and produce reports on AC magnetic and electric fields, radio waves & microwaves and local magnetic Earth strength and variation. We offer applied mitigation services to identify and reduce exposures to electromagnetic fields. We also offer applied electromagnetic hygiene information services to our clients and presentations to groups.

We cover Montreal Metro and the Laurentian region. We travel regularly across the province of Quebec.

Electromagnetic hygiene in our homes
Detect, Measure, Inform & Mitigate
• Magnetic and electric fields •
• Radio waves & Microwaves •
• Electrosmog •
• Applied mitigation solutions •