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Detect, Measure, Report, Inform & Mitigate



•Magnetic and electric fields

•Radio waves & Microwaves

• Electrosmog

•Applied mitigation solutions

•Local Earth field strength variation



Electromagnetic field(EMF) expertise services

  1. Home surveys, living and sleeping areas in regards of exposure assessment towards AC magnetic and electrical fields, microwave and radio frequencies, DC magnetic Earth density field.

  2. Land assessment to evaluate power line sites or adjacent radio and cell phone transmitters.

  3. Diagnostics and applied mitigation solutions.

  4. Commercial and industrial surveys.

The fully documented reports that we provide to our clients are an important part of each expertise. They provide a point of reference for understanding and interpreting the onsite data collection. Each report references applicable exposure standards and measuring equipment thresholds.

The goal of our surveys is to make the invisible visible and place you in a position to take a sound and informed decision about the area under assessment. The reports can able to identify the options available for desired exposure reduction, in case of positive detection.

Data is recorded by sampling at regular intervals across the surveyed space or by time interval continues recording. The data is presented in tables as well as coloured 2D and 3D representations, depending on needs.

We strive to provide cost-effective, technology-based solutions to problems regarding electric and magnetic fields, radio and microwave exposures. Our services provide residential and commercial ElectroMagnetic Field (EMF) testing exposure assessment surveys, electromagnetic interference investigations, inspection and applied reduction solutions, local magnetic Earth field density mapping and EMF informational services.

Electromagnetic Field(EMF) expertise
The objective of our surveys are to place you in a position to make a sound and informed decision about the area under assessment and to identify the options available for desired exposure reduction, in case of positive detection.

Radio frequencies(RF) and microwave(MW) exposure surveys
RF & MW testing and measurement for assessment of human exposure to technology like radio and cell tower emissions. We address the issue of low-level, long-term, non-thermal exposures.

Electrical wiring, plumbing and other net current assessments
Diagnosis and abatement of net current problems that causes elevated magnetic field levels. Most electrical wiring errors that create high fields have a solid rationale for troubleshooting and correcting them with proper tools and methodology.

Local DC magnetic Earth field variation assessments
Detailed geomagnetic surveys to provide you with the strength and variation of the earth’s natural magnetic field in specific areas were people spend fair amounts of time.

Electromagnetic hygiene and EMF informational services
Our friendly staff can inform you, answer questions and demonstrate on site, EMF’s and electromagnetic hygiene in regards to your specific living areas. We also provide electromagnetic hygiene informational presentations to groups on demand.


Following are report samples:

60 Hertz electric fields are in green, units are in volt per metre (v/m)
Centered 60 Hertz magnetic fields are in black, units are in nano Tesla (nT)
Microwaves are in red, units are in micro watt/m2 (uw/m2),
detected frequency range in this area are mostly between 10 MHz and 14 MHz.



Radio frequencies and microwave exposure surveys

Our reports involve the use of directional equipment for source and frequency range identification
at extremely low level readings.

radio fréquence



Local DC magnetic Earth field variation assessments